IMPORTANT:  At times you may have technical issues where they are unable to log on or complete an assignment.  In this situation, it is your parents responsibility to email Dr. Fatolitis ( fatollitisg@pcsb.org ) so an alternative can be sent to you.  No explanation from a student will be accepted by this teacher. 



Your learning matters! While we know this is a new environment for all of us, helping you learn and grow as students and citizens during this period of digital learning is as important as ever. 

  • Check Canvas and your school email daily. 

  • In Canvas, check each class you would normally attend that day. For middle school – this means that if you have Art on Monday, check Art on Monday. You don’t need to check assignments for Art on other days of the week. 

  • Complete lessons, including any daily attendance assignments.

  • Attendance will be taken for each day. Teachers will use one of the following for proof of attendance:

  • Student submits an assignment due that day (teachers don’t need an attendance assignment if they have something more summative due on a specific date)

  • Attendance will be recorded in FOCUS everyday by the attendance activity and or on line virtual lessons.

  • Student completes daily “attendance assignments” – a warm-up, exit ticket, reflection or other assignment from the teacher.

  • Dr, Fatolitis holds “live” lessons during your normally scheduled classes. Students shall attend these lessons in order to get a participation grade.  If for some reason you cannot get on line due to technical issues, have your parents email me so we can make alternate arrangements to get the lessons.  This teacher will not accept the word of any student.

  • Teachers have established office hours when students can check in and receive support. Students are responsible for contacting teachers if they need additional assistance to successfully complete digital lessons. 

  • Students will follow the behavior expectations and norms outlined in our Student Handbook and established in each classroom.