Dr. Fatolitis’s

Science Class Science Room 309

Healthy Student Wish List


As always, I will do my best to keep your child safe and healthy by sanitizing my classroom on a regular basis. This includes spraying and wiping tables, keeping hand sanitizer available at all times and providing Kleenex for your child should he she need it. However, with over 75 students per day sneezing, coughing, wiping body fluids on the desk, not sanitizing their own hands after a restroom break and putting things in their mouths, combatting germs is a hard fight.


Unfortunately, I cannot take on the personal financial burden as the school does not provide sanitation supplies for your child nor can I purchase the large volume of cleaning supplies needed to keep your healthy while in science during the school year.


At this time, I am respectfully asking for your help by contributing what you can to help me keep your child healthy throughout the year in my science class.


I use the following supplies daily and could benefit from your contribution of the following materials


*  Paper towels

*  Clorox Bleach Wipes

*  Lysol Spray

*  Hand sanitizers

*  Boxes of Kleenex

*  Dish soap

*  Bottled hand soap


You can also do your part by keeping your child home should signs of an illness present itself. I am no good to your child if the cold or flu is transferred to me. Your child’s grade will never suffer in my class when he/she is sick.

IMPORTANT:  Anytime materials from home are sent to this teacher it should have your child's and your name on it. 


Thank in advance for your consideration.


Dr. Fatolitis, Ed.D.

Science Department