All About Me... 

Me and Gum Drop at the San Diego Air and Space Museum
My Background
  • Born in Youngstown, Ohio
  • Associates of Science in Fire Technology Pasco Hernando Community College
  • Bachelors Degree in Fire and Safety University of Cincinnati
  • Masters in Education Leadership National Lewis University Chicago Il.
  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership Capella University , Min.    
  • Retail store manager
  • Child Protective Investigator
  • Firefighter/Fire Inspector/Fire Marshal/EMT 
  • Business Courses St Pete College; Cornell University
  • Areospace and Science studies; University of Alabama Huntsville
  • Archaeoastronomy Research University of Colorado Denver
  • Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado 
  • NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration curriculum developer at Kennedy Space Center
  • Director of the Virginia Space Flight Academy/ NASA Wallop Space Facility Summer Space Camp
  • Presenter at the Space Explorers Educators Conference
Fairbanks Alaska
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My Teaching Philosophy:
​The philosophy that I subscribe is focused on the professional aspects of the actions teachers take to assure that every student has the opportunity to achieve the highest student learning level possible.  I believe before a student can learn, he/she must enjoy the subject he is to master.  Some students may never be able to pass a test to show intelligence but, every child has a hidden talent and skill that needs to be brought out by a teacher.  INSPIRATION BEFORE EDUCATION
NASA Mission Control Houston Texas
MY Professional Goals

1)  To participate in professional development opportunities aimed at improving student learning.
2)  Continue to seek out opportunities to help other professionals with their needs.

On the Lewis and Clark Trail, Great Falls Montana
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My Teaching Goals


1)  To improve student performance in all academic disciplines through the teaching of the AVID philosophy.

2)  To allow my students to have fun while learning in hopes one day they will pursue a career in a STEAM field.
3)  Improve the attitudes of students learning science as measured by the TOSRA (Test of Science Related Attitudes).
Lewis and Clark winter quarters; Washington State
Coliseum in Rome Italy 

Mission Objectives... student will

1)  Follow the fundamental guidelines.

2)  Be responsible and accept accountability.

3)  Follow high expectations of the class.

4)  Stay organized.

5)  Function as a self directed learner.

6)  Use knowledge from other subjects (social studies, math, language arts, reading and health) to demonstrate how science intertwines in all areas of learning.

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My Interests/Hobbies


Outdoor activities:  
Learning new things
Collecting Space Exploration Memorabilia

Travel Photos

2015 Trip
VSFA 2015
Finding Apollo

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