Clearwater Fundamental Middle School

Voluntary Science Classroom Donation 2018 – 2019



Dear Parents:


The science teachers of Clearwater Fundamental Middle School are looking forward to offering a

variety of laboratory and hands on experiences to their students this 2018 – 2019 school year.  This type of curriculum design requires extra time and materials.  


The Science Department is accepting donations in any amount to help offset the expense to our school.  The estimated cost per student for science materials is $5 - $10.  Any amount is appreciated, and if you are unable to donate, your child’s grade will not be affected in any way nor will your child be denied the opportunity to participate in the program.  Unless otherwise directed in writing, any funds left in a teacher’s science account at the end of the year will be moved to a school science account for use by the science department in future years.


Any donation given will be greatly appreciated and is considered a tax-deductible donation.  If you wish to donate money, please  CLICK HERE to download then fill out the bottom of this letter and return a check to your child’s science teacher with your contribution by September 7th. If you wish to donate online, CLICK HERE


Thank you for your support of the CFMS Science Department.




Dr. G.P. Fatolitis, Ed.D.