Science Binder Set - up

1.  CLlCK HERE Here to download and print the SCIENCE MATERIAL       Checklist.  Use this list to purchase supplies needed for this course.

2. Download and print the following documents.

     a)  CLICK HERE to download and print the DATA CHART.

     b)  CLICK HERE to download and print the first seventh grade                    LEARNING SCALE.

     c)   CLICK HERE to download and print the STUDY BUDDY                         CONTRACT.

     b)   CLICK HERE to download and print the SCIENCE LAB                         SAFETY AGREEMENT. Please read it with your child read and             both sign it.

      d)   CLICK HERE to download and print a minimum of ten                           (10) CORNELL NOTE TEMPLATES.

       e) CLICK HERE to download and print the SCIENCE                                 CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS SHEET.  Please read with your             child then both need to sign it.

3.  Place seven (7) page protectors in the front of the binder.  This will         be the first thing the student will see when the binder is open.                Place them in this order, 1) MISSION STATEMENT  (will  be                  completed on the first day of school)  2) DATA CHART, 3)                        LEARNING SCALE, 4) SCIENCE LAB SAFETY AGREEMENT  5)          STUDY BUDDY  CONTRACT.  6)  SMART GOAL 7) Contracts.


4.  Label the first section divider as "HOMEWORK".


5.  Label the second section divider as  "WORK IN PROGRESS".  This       section is for instructions or data of long term projects..  

6.  Label the third as "NOTES".  As you take notes in class they will be       placed in this section.  CORNELL NOTES go into this section.

7.  Label the forth section divider as "GRADED".  Any papers the                 teacher gives back to you will go into this section.  Completed                 QUICK WRITES go into this section.

8.  Label the last section divider as "TOOLS".  Place the remaining             page protectors in this section.  This teacher will be giving the                 students many types of tools that will help them be successful, not         only in science but through other disciplines as well.  Many of these       tools will be used throughout the year and therefore should be kept       in good condition.    An ample supply of college rule lined paper             and blank CORNELL NOTE TEMPLATES will be the last items in           the binder.

9.  Place the SCIENCE CLASSROOM EXPECTATION SHEET in the         transparent pocket of the back cover of your binder.