For the purpose of this class, quality will be referred to as a grade of excellence; degree of worth. You have been chosen to take this advanced course, therefore, you will be demonstrating your ability perform at a level above the typical 6th or 7th grader.


Below are the standards you will be held accountable for.  These expectations are published in your planner as well.


What does quality look like in science while participating in on line learning:


Whether writing or typing an independent paper and wish to receive full credit you are required that:

  1. All papers shall have a standard heading. Last Name, First Name, Date and Class Period in the upper right hand corner of each paper.

  2. All papers will be titled. It is the student’s responsibility to give a paper a title if the teacher fails to do so.

  3. Papers submitted that are not neat and well organized will considered poor quality and returned before graded.  Points (20%) will be deducted when any paper is returned to the student and is resubmitted past the deadline.

  4.  ONLY pencils or the computer will be used to complete work and tests. Work done with pens or fonts of assorted colors or markers will not be graded until corrected. Only BLACK ink will be accepted.

  5. Writing and or typing shall be legible, neat and clean. If you have poor penmanship then you need to take your time to make sure that your work can be read. Illegible is defined as any work that this teacher cannot read or assess.

  6. All written or typed artifacts shall contain no spelling errors. If you are unfamiliar with a word you need to use a dictionary and/or spell check.

  7. All responses to questions, including homework, shall be written out in complete and well thought out sentence and/or paragraphs. One word answers are unacceptable when an explanation is being asked for.

  8. Any papers that are torn or unnecessarily folded or wrinkled will not be accepted by this teacher. Stains on papers are also unacceptable and will need to be redone before submitting it to this teacher.

  9. Students will use standard college lined notebook paper for all assignments. The use of composition book paper or any other irregular sized paper will not be accepted.

  10. Deadlines not met will result in a point reduction for the assignment.

  11. If this teacher cannot read an answer within any assignment and/or quiz, it will be considered wrong.

  12. All essays and reports will follow the guidelines set by this teacher and outlined in the rubric provided.