To make grades more meaningful, the policy below is the format I use when I report your progress to your parents.  The purpose of my grading system is to describe how well you have achieved the learning objectives or the learning goals established for this course. If you complete an assignment and not understand it the work becomes useless.  Emphasis is placed on whether you understand and can apply the information given and not whether or not you can complete an assignment. 

Grades are broken down by practicing/participating (40 %), self assessment / reflection (10%), and teacher assessment (50%).

The grading policy is based on a point system and is administered accordingly.

Daily Assignments:                             25 points

Homework                                          25 points 

Labs:                                                  50 points

Binder Checks                                   50 points  

Quizzes                                             100 points 

Projects                                             100 - 200 points depending on difficulty 

All other                                             See below        



Everyday the students will have an assignment.  The assignment is either academic or performance based.  Both have a value of 25 points.  We will throughout the year have assignments that are team building in nature.  If you participated, your PORTAL grade will show a / that does not help or hurt your average grade.  The only way to loose these points are to:

1. Turn the assignment in late (10% per day)

2. Turn in an uncompleted assignment (10% points per day until it is turned in correctly).  No assignments will be graded unless it is completed.

3. No heading (Name, date and class period in the upper right hand corner and the assignment name displayed on the top line). (10% points)

4. Quality does not meet CFMS and/or AVID standards (10% points per day until it is turned in with higher standards and quality).  (See planner page  7)

5. Not following directions or instructions given by this teacher or printed on the given materials.  Minus 10%  of total points.

6.  Failure to clean up the student desk area, work/lab station area, including marks on the desk.  Minus 10% of days work. 

5.  Dr. Fatolitis tries to keep this website up to date.  If you are absent and wish to do the missing assignment away from school, Just check the section that applies to you in the website.   


At times students will be working in a community setting where they will share what they have learned from their peers.  Because our class is using the AVID study methods, students are required to study science notes and materials daily.  Therefore, to evaluate the students cooperative learning and studying skills, this teacher may give an unannounced assessment (50 points) related to the topic and unit of study.  Because it is a class expectation that he/she studies daily, these are not eligible for retakes or re-dos.  


The minimum requirement for a QUICK WRITES/TICKET OUT THE DOOR assignment, should it be  is:

1.  The question must precede the paragraph.

2.  The response must be more than 50 words. (5 - 6 sentences).

3.  Students are required to do a daily QUICK WRITE, a paragraph to show understanding of the previous days learning. 

BINDER CHECKS (50 points)

Every three weeks binder checks are conducted.   To view the rubric click here.

QUIZZES (100 points)

Quizzes are 100 points.  Any quiz that the student did poorly on can be redone within one week of the original testing date.  It is the students responsibility to make arrangements for any retakes.  In order for a student to qualify for a quiz retake, the student must do an extra assignment related to the quiz that was poorly done.

LAB ACTIVITIES (50 points)

Labs are designed to enhance or reinforce the lesson being presented.  It's important for the student to understand the concept prior to doing the activity.  Therefore, no student will be able to participate in any lab until all the pre-work assignments have been completed.  Student will then need to make arrangements to complete the lab on their own time.  This must be within a week of the time the lab was first done by the class. 

Lab activities are normally worth 50 points but can be worth more depending on complexity.  Like all other assignments, a lab activity can also be redone on the students own time when the poor results was due to the lack of concept understanding.  Any lab activity that resulted in a poor grade because the student failed to follow the directions or made the choice of horse-playing and/or other off task behaviors will NOT be allowed to make up the activity.


Anytime a project is introduced into the lesson a rubric will all be available on this website. 


If at any time a student feels that his/her grade does not reflect the correct grade, he/she shall mark comments on the paper, explaining why they believe a mistake has been made and turn it back into the correct class period grading bin.  If a student believes that he/she has turned in a product and has not received a grade, they shall place the "PROOF" along with a comment in the grade period bin as well.

When the teacher receives work from a student it is date stamped to eliminate any confusion as to when the assignment was turned in.  The date stamp will determine when an assignment is late.


A student who has an absence has many options.  He/she shall:

1) Ask his/her study buddy what was missed on the day of absence. 

2) Make arrangements, on his/her own time before/after school with the teacher for any make-up work.

3) Go to to read, download and/or print the instructions or worksheets provided on that day. 


It is the student's responsibility to make these arrangements.  A student is given one (1) day to make up work for each day missed.  Even if classwork and homework is made up, the student can never recapture the time lost from the classroom.  Teachers cannot be expected to re-teach a lesson already presented to the class.  Make-up work for unexcused absences may be penalized a letter grade.  Any work not made up within time limits will result in a zero.  (Planner; pg. 5)

All make-up tests are done after-school.  It is the students responsibility to make arrangements with this teacher so that a time and date can be established.  Student  has one week from the time it was first administered  in the class to retakes any test.


Make-up tests have an expiration date, meaning that the student has one week to make up the test , whether being absent or re-taking because of a poor grade.  This teacher has four versions of each test.  The science concepts are still the same and the information within the tests have been covered by this teacher.  Since the students who are re-taking a test have seen one version of it, the test will require more study time to get a better grade than the first time. Any study guides that are on this website will still serve as a helpful resource.

History shows that many students who retake tests in my class usually will receive the same grade as the first without an intervention.  Therefore, to qualify for any test retakes the student MUST complete an extra assignment to assure that they are studying properly. 


Science concepts can be hard to understand and can be confusing to some, but following directions and instructions (either written or verbal) is fundamental in a learning environment.  These skills are taught as far as kindergarten and spill into the students home life.  There is no circumstances when a student should decide to go outside the perimeters of any assignment he/she completes.  Therefore, any assignment where the instructions and/or directions were ignored will not be graded as a second time attempt at mastery.  DATA CHARTS and LEARNING SCALES are a class expectation and therefore will not be considered as a re-doable assignment.

It is best for the student to check the web site under the grading period, grade and date.  Look for the correct date.  Worksheets and/or any assignments missed may be found there and can be viewed, downloaded and printed.  


If they are not in the website, the student can Email Dr. Fatolitis at Dr. Fatolitis will answer all emails between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. 


Students' written work must have:

  • Name date and class period at the top right of every paper.

  • Proper  heading of each paper (Topic).

  • Capital letters at the beginning of each sentence.

  • Correct punctuation at the end of each sentence.

  • Correct spelling of all common words and words posted or used vocabulary in the subject area.

  • Correct grammar in common situations (example: don't / doesn't).

                                                                                              (Planner: pg 7)


Extra credit opportunities are always available to students who want those extra points to move them from one grade level to another.    Extra credit is not used to substitute one assignment for another.  Only students who have completed all of their "regular assignments" will be qualified to submit an extra credit assignment.   It shall be the students responsibility to check this website and/or pay close attention to this teachers offers.  The rules, directions and instructions of the extra credit opportunity must be followed in order to receive any extra credit points. Anything that a student wishes to be considered for extra credit must get the idea approved by this teacher in writing.  CLICK HERE to download and print out the extra credit request form.  No projects should be started until the request form is returned signed by this teacher.

At times you will be required to do computer work at home either working on the compute, submitting work, or printing the work to bring in.  Either way, when you find that your computer is not cooperating, have must have your parents explain the situation in a note so that other arrangements can be made for you to complete the assignment.  Without a note you will receive a demerit.
If you know you will have technical difficulties, try going to the Media Center to get the task done.
STUDENTS/PARENTS:  Click the button on the right, download, print and sign to acknowledge that you have read and understand the grading policy of this science course.