Apollo Lunar Landing 50th Anniversary Project

In Search of Apollo

It was July 20, 1969 when my family sat around the phonograph black and white television combination to witness one of mans most spectacular feats, one in which the world has never seen before.  Two American astronauts were about to put their lunar spacecraft (the Lunar Module they named Eagle)  on the surface of the moon named the Sea of Tranquility (the Lunar Module they named Eagle),   Our only view was through a black and white television that received only three channels, but it was the only technology at that time.  I was glued to every image and word reported by Walter Cronkite and Astronaut Walter "Wally" Schirra.  In fact, so was the rest of  the world.

Now at 60 years old, I still feel the excitement of rockets lifting off  and walking around those artifacts that were used to make President Kennedy's promise a reality.  Here are some of those pieces.

Jerry Griffin

Apollo Flight Controller

San Diego Air and Space Museum 2019

Gene Krantz

Apollo Flight Director

SEEC Conference 2/9/19

Glenn Lunney

Apollo Flight Controller

Houston Johnson Space Center

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Gala

July 20, 2019

Apollo 7 Camera

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Apollo 9 Astronauts 1969

Jim McDivitt


David Scott

Command Module Pilot

Rusty Schweickart

Lunar Module Pilot

Fifty Year Anniversary of Apollo 9 flight;

San Diego Air and Space Museum March 13, 2019

Gen. Thomas Stafford

Commander Apollo 10

San Diego Air and Space Museum

March 13, 2019

Apollo 12

Virginia Air and Space Museum

Hampton, Va

Flown to the Moon

San Diego Air and Space Museum

Apollo 12

Charles "Pete" Conrad Lunar EVA Suite 

JSC Houston

Apollo 14

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Alan Shepard

Lunar EVA Suite

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Apollo 17

Johnson Space Center, Houston

Lunar Sample

Nixon Presidential Library

Apollo Returned Moon Rocks

Lunar Sample Receiving Lab, JSC, Houston

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