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responsibility, accountability, positive actions met by positive consequences


It is the policy of this teacher to follow all rules and expectations outlined in your students Pinellas County School Planner and Student Code of Conduct without exception. Because you are in a science classroom, there is a higher risk of getting hurt or hurting others due to horseplay than any other classroom in the school.  Therefore, you  will be asked to follow a more strict behavioral policy.

 1. For all students’ health and safety items that can be consumed or digested are prohibited in the classroom.  Water in a clear container is acceptable.

2. No electronic devices will be seen, heard or used in the classroom at anytime.

3. Personal grooming materials or the act of grooming self or another is prohibited in the classroom.

4. All personal errands are done before or after class. With the exception of an emergency, no student will be allowed to leave the classroom 10 minutes of the bell (before or after), during a lecture, demonstration, test or lab activity. Appointments to see any guidance counselor or administrator shall be done outside of this class.

6. Students are expected to stay on task.

7. Students are expected to produce high quality work.  A 10% point penalty will be assessed when quality guidelines are not met.

8. Students will avoid touching other people’s property. This includes the property around or on this teacher’s desk or objects found anywhere in the classroom unrelated to the activity in progress.

9. Each student is responsible for the area around and in their desks and should be kept clean at all times.  Failure to report trash in the desk will be interpreted as your responsibility to clean out the desk.

10. Students are expected to be on time to class. Tardy is defined as anyone not in his/her assigned seat while the bell is ringing.  Anyone carelessly running into class or walking fast to their seat while the bell is ringing will be considered a tardy.

11. Students will be respectful to others, parents, adults and themselves.

12. Students are expected to be honest at all time.

13. There will be no running in the class. No exceptions.

14. Cheating, or the perception of cheating, will not be tolerated.  Cheating is defined as anyone talking to another student, facing another student or looking at another students work while any assessment is in your possession will be considered as cheating.