Dr. G. P. Fatolitis:

6th Advanced Science * 7th Accelerated Honors

Virtual Office Hours via TEAMS

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM   (M - F)

MISSION PLAN 2020/2021


It shall be the mission of all Dr. Fatolitis’s Science classes to understand the science concepts outlined in the State of Florida Middle School Science Benchmarks evident by an eighty percent or above on all Performance Matters Cycle Testing.


  • Follow the CLEARWATER FUNDAMENTAL MIDDLE SCHOOL disciplinary guidelines as outlined in the CFMS planner.


  • Stay organized as directed by Dr. Fatolitis.


  • Maintain high expectations as outlined in the class Student Expectations.


  • Follow self-directed learning strategies on and off line.


  • Think and use the connections science shares with other mediums using real life applications.


  • Use the multiple data resources (examples: grades, test scores, reflections, disciplinary data and other methods) to improve science literacy.


  • Maintain self-control at all time while in this class and on line.


  • Communicate with this teacher often.

  • Think like a scientist.